Autumn Arrangement: Birds Flying High

Autumn Arrangement: Birds Flying High

September 24, 2021

Ikebana principles in this month's arrangement:

To compose a pleasing and proportional moribana arrangement, there are a few basic rules and guidelines you should follow. The three “shushi”, or main stems, are the ‘shin’ (tallest stem), ‘soe’ (middle stem), and ‘hikae’ (shortest stem). The proportion of the ‘shin’ to the size of the vase, and the height of each subsequent stem compared to the shin are standard lengths in a moribana arrangement. You can apply these same proportions when creating a free style arrangement!

Care tip:
Remove leaves from the bottom of your italian ruscus so no leaves sit underwater.

Pro tip:
Bend your branch by placing your hands next to each other on the branch so they are touching, then gently apply pressure. Experiment on the bottom of your branch when you first start out, in case it snaps!