February Arrangement: Purple Valentine

February Arrangement: Purple Valentine

January 30, 2019

Ikebana principles in this month's arrangement:
Our lesson will focus on bending and shaping your materials. One of my teachers once told me the reason we bend and shape our materials is because the chance of walking outside, cutting a branch off a tree, and having it be the perfect branch for our arrangement is one in a million. Bending and shaping allows you to create movement in your arrangements, and bring your ideas to life.

We want to work with our materials and bring out their character, so start by closely observing your branch from each side before deciding how to shape it. Bend your branch by placing your hands next to each other on the branch so they are touching, then gently applying pressure. I suggest experimenting on the bottom of a branch, or on an extra branch first, in case it snaps!

Pro tip:
To bend a branch, place your hands next to each other on the branch so they are touching and gently apply pressure.

Care tip:
Cut your fresh flowers at a slant underwater to increase hydration and help prolong their life by preventing air bubbles from forming.