June Arrangement: Summer Sunrise

June Arrangement: Summer Sunrise

June 01, 2019

Ikebana principles in this month's arrangement:
The three most important elements in an ikebana arrangement are mass, line, and color. This month we’ll be focusing on the first two, mass and line, by juxtaposing these two elements. Mass is formed by placing your materials close together so there’s no space in between. This creates a sense of volume. It’s important to carefully shape your massed form so it doesn’t look too heavy or ill-defined.
Line, on the other hand, highlights the space around your materials. Honing your ability to find and create the most interesting lines from your materials will help you make dynamic arrangements.

Pro tip:
The outermost petals on a rose, or guard petals, are left in place to protect the delicate petals beneath. If the guard petals look bruised, gently remove them. Otherwise, leave them in place and when your rose opens up the guard petals will fold back and go unnoticed.

Safety tip:
Carefully remove all thorns before you begin arranging.

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