February Arrangement: Lemon Pop!

February Arrangement: Lemon Pop!

February 01, 2020

Ikebana principles in this month's arrangement:

Our lesson this month focuses on shaping and manipulating leaves. The beauty and versatility of leaves are sometimes overlooked, however leaves can add color, volume, texture, and movement to an arrangement. There are many different ways to change the look of your leaves, for example leaves can be rolled, folded, torn, layered, or even cut into new shapes. So have fun experimenting with your leaves! Also, check out our blog on Shaping and Manipulating Leaves and Layering your Materials for more tips and techniques!

Pro tip:
When manipulating your aspidistra leaves, don’t worry if you accidentally tear your leaf too far, just create a new slit and re-thread the stem. If you want to create a lighter look, add additional slits to the leaf to create pockets of space. Feel free to add twists to the leaf as you thread!

Care tip:
Remember to cut your flower stems underwater to allow for maximum hydration!
Change the water in your vase by running your vase under a tap for a couple of minutes. This allows the old water to flow out and fresh water to flow in.