January Arrangement: New Year Moribana

January Arrangement: New Year Moribana

January 01, 2020

Ikebana principles in this month's arrangement:

Pussy willow branches are the perfect material to use for practicing your bending and shaping skills because they are extremely flexible! Bending your materials allows you to express movement in your arrangement. We want to work with our materials and bring out their character, so closely observe your materials before shaping them. Then shape your branch by placing your hands next to each other
on the branch and gently applying pressure. Try experimenting on the bottom of a pussy willow branch when you first start out!

Safety tip:
Remember to remove any rogue thorns before handling your roses!

Care tip:
Try not to touch the petals of your roses as you arrange to prevent damage.
Change the water by running your vase under a tap for a couple of minutes. This allows the old water to flow out and fresh water to flow in.