November Arrangement: Autumnal Centerpiece

November Arrangement: Autumnal Centerpiece

October 31, 2018


Ikebana principles in this month's arrangement:

Fixtures can be used to secure or help balance your branches. They’re most commonly used in ‘nageire’ style, which are arrangements in a tall vase without the use of a kenzan. In this arrangement we’ll be using a fixture to secure our branches horizontally.

Flower care:
Minimize touching the celosia heads as the more they are handled the faster they wilt, and keep the heads dry to prevent mold from forming.

Change the water by running the vase under a tap for a couple of minutes. This allows the old water to flow out and new water to flow in.

Pro tip:
Check each side of your arrangement as you arrange since it will be viewed from every angle.

Cut branches at a slant to make inserting them into the kenzan easier.

Different flowers have different vase lives. Remove the celosia as they wilt and replace them (in this case with a sunflower, but any flower with mass will do) to take advantage of longer lasting materials.