September Arrangement: Ginger Bliss

September Arrangement: Ginger Bliss

September 01, 2019


Ikebana principles in this month's arrangement:

Our lesson focuses on the proportions of stems to each other, and to your vase. The proportions of the tallest branch to the vase, and the height of each subsequent stem compared to the shin are standard lengths when creating a moribana style arrangement. 

These guidelines will help you to compose a pleasing, and proportional arrangement. If you ever find yourself in a creative rut when arranging, it’s always useful to come back to the moribana style.

Pro tip:

Use your vase to help you measure your materials. The length of your vase is 11’’, and the height is 2’’. Therefore a 13’’ stem would be the length + height of your vase.

Echo the main stems with your supporting stems by placing taller carnations next to the tallest stem, and shorter stems next to the ginger.

Care tip:

Refill or change the water everyday!