Winter Arrangement: Richly Red

Winter Arrangement: Richly Red

December 03, 2021

Ikebana principles in this month's arrangement:

The three main elements in an ikebana arrangement are mass, color, and line. Our lesson will focus on mass. Mass is formed by placing your materials close together so there’s no space in between them. It’s important to carefully shape your massed expression by intentionally placing each flower and leaf in the arrangement. This will prevent your arrangement from looking heavy or messy.

Care tip:
Remove all leaves from the bottom of your stems so no leaves sit underwater. Remember to cut stems underwater to prevent air bubbles from forming.

Pro tip:
The outer petals of your roses are called guard petals because they protect the rose. Feel free to gently remove them if needed.

Reflex your roses after a few days, once they have softened. One by one, gently pull back the outer most petal and, starting at the base, flip it inside out. You can reflex as many layers of petals as desired