Banaboxer spotlight: Sharon from S. Carolina

Banaboxer spotlight: Sharon from S. Carolina

March 12, 2019


One of Sharon's creative arrangements

In our banaboxer spotlight each month, we catch up with a member of the community to discuss all things ikebana. This month, we spoke with Sharon about how the signs of spring are here and how happy she was to receive banabox as a gift from her son.

How long have you been practicing ikebana?

I have been growing and arranging flowers for many years including ikebana and other styles.

What do you most enjoy about banabox?

It is just an absolute delight when you get the box and open it to see what is inside that month. The flowers are always intriguing and a fun surprise, and they always look so beautiful. Often there are flowers I have not worked with before.

Which month's arrangement has been your favorite so far?

That's not a fair question! I have LOVED each month.

If we visited your home, where would we find your finished arrangements?

In our great room where we spend the most time.

What has been your favorite individual item we've sent you so far?

I loved the white mistumata branches you sent in January because I use them over and over in new arrangements.

Help set the scene - when you are making your arrangement, is there music, wine, etc.?

If I arrange later in the day I love having a beer. Otherwise it's just a cup of coffee with the TV on in the background.

Do you stick to the instructions or let your creativity guide you to an unexpected result?

Some of both but I usually come close to the suggested picture since the designs are so great.

Have you ever been to Japan? What was your favorite part?

Yes, I have spent several weeks in Japan. It's a beautifully maintained country and nice friendly people.

Ikebana is very tied into the seasonality of the materials. What is your favorite part of this time of year?

Since I live in the south many things including Lenten roses and Bradford pears are starting to bloom now.

Has your ikebana experience provided any lessons you can apply to other parts of your life?

That great pleasure can come from simple things like a striking flower arrangement.

Anything else you want to share with the banabox community?

My son started the service for me as a present (one of the greatest presents ever!) and so I always think about him when I receive the box. It was a wonderful gift.

Thanks so much to Sharon for joining us for this month's banaboxer spotlight. We always love to hear from the banabox community, so don't hesitate to drop us a line or connect with us on social media (instagram, facebook).