My name is Erin and I'm the founder and CEO of Banabox. My mother first introduced me to ikebana many years ago. While growing up in Hawaii, ikebana was an important part of her Japanese heritage and is a practice she also shared with her mother. From generation to generation, they both taught me the wonderful lesson of finding beauty in every living thing.

While ikebana has been my passion for many years, it took a backseat to my career: first as a certified public accountant and later as an investment banker. Despite having a demanding career, ikebana always remained a creative and relaxing outlet for me. I loved that the floral arrangements brought beauty and life into my home.

In 2017, I decided to make a major life change and pursue my passion. I quit my job and moved to Japan for a year to study ikebana full-time at the Sogetsu school's headquarters in Tokyo with top-level iemotos (master teachers). It was during my time in Japan that I realized this beautiful ancient practice should be shared with people who might never encounter it. 

Inspired by sharing the beauty and elegance of ikebana, I created Banabox, a company that makes ikebana easy to learn, adaptable to our busy lives, and is a source of inspiration among the everyday hustle and bustle that we all encounter.