What is banabox?
Banabox is a seasonal quarterly subscription that sends you everything you need to create beautiful, Japanese-style flower arrangements at home
Who is behind banabox?
We are a Miami-based startup and our founder has years of experience creating ikebana arrangements in the US and Japan. You can read more on the About Us page
What is included?
In your first delivery you'll receive a starter kit with a vase and other ikebana tools. Every quarter you'll receive a new, unique design and all the fresh flowers you'll need to create the arrangement
How will I know how to make the arrangement?
Each box comes with step-by-step instructions and we also have a how-to video on our website
Where do you get your flowers?
We source flowers and other material from all over the world: Japan, Holland, Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya and California are just some of the locations where our farmers grow flowers
How do you make sure flowers arrive fresh?
We are plugged into a 'cold chain' that keeps the flowers refrigerated from the moment they're picked on the farm to when we hand your box off to Fedex for overnight shipping
Where do you ship?
We will send a box anywhere in the United States except Alaska and Hawaii - apologies to our family and friends there :-)
How do you ship?
We send all our fresh flowers via Fedex Standard Overnight delivery
Do I need to sign for the delivery?
No you do not. However, if your delivery is left outside in extreme heat or cold it may damage the flowers, so you should attempt to bring your flowers indoors ASAP
How long will my arrangement last?
It depends on the type of flower, but most arrangements should last about 5-7+ days. Proper flower care can extend the life of your arrangement - see the 'Flower Care' section below
What do I do if my flowers arrive tired looking?
Flowers often 'go to sleep' during the journey to your house but can be quickly revived by snipping their stems and placing in water - see details in the 'Flower Care' section below
What is the difference between the metal and resin kenzan?
The metal kenzan is the traditional kenzan. It is made of brass needles and a lead base. Lead is used as the base because it is a heavy metal, and the weight helps to balance the arrangement.
Lead is not absorbed through the skin, nor can it move from water into skin. It enters the human body through ingestion or inhalation. Therefore handling lead is safe, however we recommend you take precautions such as: washing your hands after each use, especially before eating food; not allowing children to handle the kenzan; and not placing the kenzan in the dishwasher. 
We recognize that some customers may be concerned about having a lead product in their home. For these customers we offer the resin kenzan. The resin kenzan comes with a suction mat. The mat is suctioned to the vase, and the resin kenzan is placed on top of the mat to secure it in place.

Subscription and Payments

When will my credit card be charged?
We will charge your card the day you sign up to cover the first shipment; each subsequent quarter we'll charge you on about a month before your flowers arrive
Can I cancel anytime?
You can cancel anytime after the first 3 deliveries; your deadline to cancel in a given month is 8 days before the delivery date
When will I get my first banabox?
When you sign up you select your first delivery date which is usually a Friday 2-3 weeks from the day you sign up. That gives us enough time to order our flowers from the farms
When will I get my next banabox?
We always deliver banaboxes on Fridays; we will send your banabox on a Friday close to one quarter after your initial delivery date
Can I get my banabox on a different day of the week?
To ensure flowers are at their freshest, we always pack our boxes on Thursday and ship them overnight to arrive Friday...unfortunately that is the only option
Can I skip boxes?
Yes, as long as you are 8 days away from your scheduled delivery date, you can skip a box and you won't be charged. Click on 'My Account' and go to 'Manage Subscriptions' to skip a box
Do you offer refunds?
If you cannot revive your flowers using the methods described, we will offer to replace or credit your purchase when appropriate

Flower Care

Do I need to do anything immediately when my box arrives?
Yes! Your flowers may need to be refreshed after the long journey. As soon as your box arrives, you should snip an inch from the base of each stem and place into a bucket of water
What should I do with the flower food?
We give you two packets of flower food. You can use one if your flowers need to rehydrate and have another to mix with the water for your arrangement
What else can I do to extend the life of my arrangement?
You should add water as needed to ensure that flowers remain hydrated. Additionally, it helps to change out the water completely if it becomes cloudy